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ControlKom™ 2.0 Software

IP Based Paging, Intercom, and Emergency Messaging Over Your Existing Network and Phone System

ControlKom™ 2.0 is the newest way that Atlas Sound is setting the bar for IP paging solutions for a multitude of location types. ControlKom™ 2.0 allows for live, prerecorded, or ad hoc messages along with control data to be sent over existing or new multicast enabled local area networks to Atlas Sound IP speaker and zone controller end points powered by AF compliant POE switches (or local DC power). ControlKom™ 2.0 incorporates solutions for the task of managing campus-wide messaging, bell scheduling, security, synchronizing clocks, intercom/paging, and much more.

This software / hardware combination provides a true "one wire" network audio solution reducing the initial cost and eliminating long term maintenance of separate paging / intercom systems. ControlKom™ 2.0 employs standard TCP/IP network protocols and DHCP for speaker IP address assignment making it the industry's first true IP based paging solution.

ControlKom™ 2.0 offers a comprehensive IP-based paging system control with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatibility allowing for integration with almost any existing phone system. With this technology, users can simultaneously send an audio stream and/or text message to IP loudspeakers, computer screens, and overhead paging systems, all with speed, confidence, ease-of-use, and reduced operating costs. Configuration of the server based ControlKom software is accomplished via an intuitive web interface. This interface allows the administrator to easily define user privileges, loudspeaker zones, pre recorded messages and other system. ControlKom then provides the user with voice prompt instructions for message type (live or ad hoc) and desired broadcast zone destination.

Other improvements that can be found in the new release of ControlKom™ 2.0 include:<br>Full Duplex Intercom – In deployments where VoIP phones are not installed, adding the ability for 2-way communication with classrooms and other zone endpoints is crucial. ControlKom™ 2.0 includes advanced intercom functions for full duplex communication between phones and IP speakers.

Background Music – While BGM applications are traditionally included in analog solutions; this feature has been largely ignored in comprehensive networked systems. ControlKom™ 2.0 includes local inputs via paging relays for simple applications like playing the National Anthem or more complex full BGM uses.

Unicast over WAN, Multicast over LAN – smaller school districts cannot always support Multicast over their Wide Are Networks. ControlKom™ 2.0 allows for Unicast over WAN with Multicast over LAN for these new opportunities

Emergency Call Buttons – While integrated features have been included to report emergency conditions in the past, new separate contact closure assignment capabilities in ControlKom™ 2.0 allow a dedicated emergency trigger along with a standard call button.

Message Priority – ControlKom™ 2.0 allows emergency messages priority over non-emergency pages, messages, and bells.

ControlKom™ 2.0 software distribution is limited to dealers who complete training requirements.

Hardware Requirements
Windows® 2003 or 2008 Pentium-class server
2.5 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM
Multicast or Unicast enabled network

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