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25 ½" Deep, 21RU Mobile Equipment Rack Includes: Casters, Side Handles, and Solid Doors

The RX21-25SFD mobile cabinet is ruggedly constructed of 16-gauge CRS and include heavy-duty casters. Equipped with a front pair of 11-gauge CRS adjustable mounting rails tapped 10–32 on standard E.I.A. 5/8"- 5/8"-1/2" spacing.

Optional RR21 rear mounting rails are available for additional support. Front-to-rear mounting rail supports
have slotted cutouts to easily adjust rail depth and to provide open raceways for containing vertically run wire and cable.

The RX21 features the additional benefit of having the supports positioned 19" apart to accept standard panel width accessories mounted in vertical orientation. Cabinet is 25 1/2" deep and has a vertical panel space height of 36 7/8". It features one pair of recessed, hinged, and rubber-padded steel grips on each side (four total) for transport convenience.

Easy wiring access is provided through three wire isolation holes (two, 1 1/2" dia., and one oblong 1 1/2" x 3") in the rear base flange. The units’ four, oversized, heavy-duty casters, two of which are locking, ensure
smooth mobility, and have a load capacity of 175 lb. each – 700 lb. total weight capacity.

Also include vented and removable locking doors, as well as vented top-front and top-rear flanges. Surface
mounting front door is 1" deep to provide clearance for equipment knobs and handles which protrude up to 
1 1/2" from the front of the rail. Cabinet is finished in #962 black epoxy.

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